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import os
from data import vsrdata
# Data loader for blur images
class BLUR_IMAGE(vsrdata.VSRData):
def __init__(self, args, name='BLUR_IMAGE', train=True):
super(BLUR_IMAGE, self).__init__(args, name=name, train=train)
def _scan(self):
names_sharp, names_blur, names_kernel = super(BLUR_IMAGE, self)._scan()
return names_sharp, names_blur, names_kernel
def _set_filesystem(self, dir_data):
if self.args.template == "SVMAP" :
print("loading image...")
self.apath = os.path.join(dir_data)
self.dir_image_blur = os.path.join(self.apath, "InputBlurredImage")
self.dir_image_gt = os.path.join(self.apath, "InputTargetImage")
self.dir_image_kernel = os.path.join(self.apath, "psfMotionKernel")
print("Training image path:" , self.dir_image_blur)
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