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import random
import numpy as np
import skimage.color as sc
import torch
Repository for common functions required for manipulating data
def set_channel(*args, n_channels=3):
def _set_channel(img):
if img.ndim == 2:
img = np.expand_dims(img, axis=2)
c = img.shape[2]
if n_channels == 1 and c == 3:
img = sc.rgb2ycbcr(img)
elif n_channels == 3 and c == 1:
img = np.concatenate([img] * n_channels, 2)
return img
return [_set_channel(a) for a in args]
def np2Tensor(*args, rgb_range=255):
def _np2Tensor(img):
np_transpose = np.ascontiguousarray(img.transpose((2, 0, 1)))
tensor = torch.from_numpy(np_transpose).float()
tensor.mul_(rgb_range / 255)
return tensor
return [_np2Tensor(a) for a in args]
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